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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Federal Reserve Bank

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Federal Reserve Bank

    Important Caveat: This article should be read in conjunction with these articles, Debunking Federal Reserve Myths. Edward Griffin, a well-known Federal Reserve researcher and no friend of the Federal Reserve, has questioned the alleged JFK assassination/EO 11110 connection, given in the article below. I am in absolutely no doubt that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy in which Lee Harvey Owald was almost definitely the “patsy”. But I am not convinced that signing EO 11110 was the reason. And while the Lincoln letter that Wes Penre quotes in his article is probably authentic, the version which Rick Crawford gives in his article on its authenticity does not contain the following words, which Penre includes: “The money powers preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me & the financial institutions at the rear, the latter is my greatest foe.” I will be contacting both Penre and Crawford for further elucidation on this issue.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Federal Reserve Bank
by Wes Penre, Nov 22, 2003

Since that dreadful day on November 22nd of 1963 when JFK was assassinated, there have been lots of speculations as to why and by whom he was murdered. You may think that you have heard it all, and that we don’t need another theory. However, I have researched JFK quite a bit; especially with regards to the assassination, and I have come up with a different, and not very widely discussed possibility for the killing; with a parallel that goes back almost a hundred years in time.

JFK was a very controversial President; he wanted to change things around. By doing so, you can’t please everyone, and he stepped on quite a few toes. One thing he wanted to do was to re-organize the CIA from within, because he considered the Agency being a Government within the Government, with too much power. Allen Dulles, who was the head of the CIA at the time did not like the idea of course, and this alone could have been the reason for the assassination. But there is another interesting aspect as well…

To understand this theory we must understand that the real power is not with the politicians, but with the International Bankers. They are the ones that control this country behind the scenes. You and I can try to run for Presidency if we want to, but we would not stand much of a chance. It is not because we don’t have good ideas, or are incapable, but we don’t have the right powerful sponsors. The final candidates are the ones that are chosen by the International Bankers and sponsored by them. The rest of the candidates cannot afford to compete. Also, the same sponsors support both candidates, and can therefore keep almost total control over the election.

Most people know that the FEDERAL Reserve bank is creating the US dollars. But the truth is that the Federal Reserve is not federal at all, but owned by twelve super-wealthy International Banking families, such as the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers. This is a well hidden secret, but can even be verified in “Encyclopedia Britannica”, and by the statements in this article, as we shall see. This setup is against the US Constitution, where the government is supposed to create our money (the 16th Amendment), which should be backed up by gold and silver.

What JFK did was to create interest-free government money, backed up by the silver reserve, contrary to the Federal Reserve money, which is not backed up by anything as we will see. He wanted to pay off the US debt this way. He obviously knew the secret about the Federal Reserve, and decided to follow the Constitution. Of course, this was a very dangerous thing to do, because if he was allowed to continue, it could put the International bankers out of business in the long run. So this was even more serious than to reorganize the CIA. Interestingly, soon after the assassination the interest-free money was taken out of circulation [1]. Kennedy signed a not very well known Executive Order, no 11110[2] in June of 1963, four months before the assassination (also, click here to read ALL Executive Orders JFK wrote throughout his Presidency, ordered by numbers).

This Order returned to the Government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve Bank. Kennedy gave the Treasury the power to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury. In plain language this means that for every ounce of silver in the US Treasury vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. JFK brought nearly $4.3 billion U.S. notes[3] into circulation. So by signing this Executive Order, he was about to put the Federal Reserve Bank (and with them all the International Bankers) out of business.
The Federal Reserve Notes would eventually not be in demand anymore, and by doing so, Mr. Kennedy probably also signed his own death warrant. Executive Order 110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed up by silver. Maybe the assassination of President Kennedy was a warning to successors not to “make the same mistake” as this courageous President did. Brilliance is only allowed and acknowledged if it serves the Illuminati Agenda.

Although Mr. Kennedy was of an Illuminati bloodline and probably also an occultist at some level, and even involved in practices common man would disagree with, I believe he was a man of honor when it came to politics and taking his job seriously. Being a Kennedy was enough for the International Bankers to sponsor him, thinking he would adjust to the Agenda. But time told them they had made a mistake and put a person in power who refused to abide and had his own ideas, ready to execute them. The same thing goes for his brother Robert, and his son John F. Kennedy Jr., who threatened to reveal the Secret behind Power shortly before he had his “accident”.

It is very interesting to see that all those three people are now dead before their time, while Edward (Ted) Kennedy is still alive, being the one who goes in his father Joe’s footsteps to bring the New World Order into a reality. The attempt to end the Vietnam War (which was a very profitable war for the bankers) by 1965 would severely have cut the profits of the private owned Federal Reserve Bank and the banking establishment.

Then, of course, the fact that both JFK and Lincoln met the same end is a mere coincidence(!)

The Warren Commission, which investigated the killing, consisted of a number of people, who would probably have wanted to see the President dead; one of them was Allen Dulles(!) and another one was the President-to-be, Gerald Ford, a 33° Freemason. Cover-up? Well, the reason people in power are assassinated varies, of course, but is always an indication that other higher powers are at work, often hidden from the public. And today, not many people believe that the assassination was not a conspiracy of some sort.

An investigation also showed that very few people think that the Kennedy assassination will ever be resolved. However, thirty-three years after the Warren Commission was held, former President Gerald Ford, as one of the key members of the Commission, was forced to admit that the Warren Report was fictionalized[4].

An interesting thing, which makes the Federal Reserve theory considerable, is a parallel 98 years from the year JFK was killed. In 1865 another US President was assassinated. His name was Abraham Lincoln. What did he do before the assassination? Well, he created government interest-free money, so called greenback dollars, to pay off the debt from the Civil War. Shortly after he was killed, the greenbacks were taken out of circulation[5]…

Lincoln was well aware of what was happening, as shown in this letter:

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching. It unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. The money powers preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me & the financial institutions at the rear, the latter is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.”[6]

[1] Lyndon B. Johnson’s first act on the plane (Air Force One), after being sworn in on the flight [Jackie was standing next to him, still in shock], was to put back into effect the Federal Reserve Act that Kennedy had revoked and paid the one billion buy out clause that was part of that act. Johnson nullified the reason JFK was murdered just so he could be president. He had already set up with the Rothschild’s (International Banker Family) a deal to put him in office if he repealed the nullification of Fed Act.

[2] Click here to see the JFK Executive Order 11110. Also, see the following article for more information: President John F. Kennedy, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110 .

[3] Definition of ‘note(s)’


[5] More on this issue here:

[6] raham Lincoln, letter to William Elkins, Nov 21, 1864 (after the passage of the debt causing National Bank Act [June 3, 1864])

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